Virtual Reality in  Education

The virtual reality technology is considered as an ’emerging market’ in the Philippines.

PCI is here to unleash and optimize this technology for the benefit
of the Filipino people.


Learners have full control over their learning process. Explore outer space or delve into the nitty gritty details of the human body. Learning becomes interactive and fun because of the immersive and user-driven design of virtual reality technologies.


Learners learn whenever, wherever. The learning tools provide ease of access to materials and courses at the comfort of their homes or at the convenience of their schedules.  Remote areas in the Philippines can have access to quality resource speakers and working students can have better access to their education without the constraint of being inside the classroom.


Bridging gaps in the education sector, PCI creates meaningful partnerships with government, non-government, and private institutions and individuals in order to bring quality education to all corners of the archipelago. Realizing how education is crucial in arresting poverty in the country, the people behind PCI work hand in hand in developing a revolutionary way of learning for every Filipino through the use of distance learning and virtual reality platforms.



Virtual reality startup launches VR in Philippine education

August 1, 2018

Pioneering virtual reality in the Philippine education, virtual reality and e-larning start ups Philippine Cyber Institute and Seaversity partnered with the largest network of science clubbing movement in the country, Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs, to bring what is yet the biggest science camp in Philippine history.

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